A small Brisbane Air Conditioning company with big plans and high hopes.
The man behind Sheer Climate Air Conditioning

Who am I?

My name is Constant Furstenberg, and I am the owner of Sheer Climate Air Conditioning. I’m originally from South Africa, and in 2005 I came to Australia with my parents for a better opportunity at life. When I completed school i decided that I want to do a hands on job and something that can keep my brain active. Originally I went to apply for an electricians role but they ended up placing me in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration which in hind sight has been a blessing. I completed most of my apprenticeship in the Commercial industry, and only a short period of time was spent in the Domestic sector.



I was blessed enough to be able to work for 2 of the top companies in Australia and was fortunate enough to have great teachers along the way. When I completed my trade I worked for a few years and then had the ambition to start my own company with the help and prayers of family and friends. Currently I work by myself and I am looking to expand the company fairly rapidly in this year (2016). I have a massive new journey ahead of me and most of it will require sacrifice and hard work, but as Martin Luther says “I have held many things in my hands, and I have lost them all; but whatever I have placed in God’s hands, that I still possess.”


My own family consists of myself, my wife Kylie and our Daughter Tahlia, which have both also sacrificed so much to help me get the business running. They have both been such a shining light in my life and I wouldn’t be here today without their help and support.

Below I have listed some key principals I try to run my business by:


  • Put God First
  • Spend Time With Your Family
  • Run Your Business Honestly
  • Build a Relationship With Your Customers
  • Make Money of Course!

Constant Furstenberg

Dedicated Business Owner

Our current goals are to run the business successfully and continue to build a larger client base. Establishing good relationships with our current customers is very important for us. We believe that its not all about how many customers you have but how you treat and manage the customers you already have. As mentioned on our front page, we would rather have a returning customer because of good service, than make a few extra dollars on one job. Our goal is to create a relationship with you so that you can trust us enough to look after your system when ever an issue arises.


The future for us looks like this. We want to expand our services to a variety of other trades as well eventually. We plan to be the one stop shop for all repairs, installation or maintenance works. Of course all this will take a lot of time and planning but we believe that with the right people we can make this work. But for the now, our focus is on taking on as many jobs as possible without compromising on customer relationships. Still being available to our current customers but also welcoming new ones. Our main focus right now is to gain some service contracts with small commercial sites and carry our the preventative maintenance for these businesses. In the domestic market our focus is mainly on servicing and repairs as well.


We are based on the North Side of Brisbane City. We provide all these air conditioning services in all areas from the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Brisbane. We are always striving to expand and develop to adapt to new industry requirements, and to provide our clients and customers with the best service possible. We carry our repairs, servicing, and installations on all air conditioning units all around Brisbane.



We are a small domestic and commercial Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Company. Sheer Climate Air Conditioning was established at the start of 2015 as part of a future business opportunity. It is currently registered as a sole trader, and in the future the plan is to change it to a company.