• Confirm Date and Time Of Inspection

  • Arrive On time And Carry Out Inspection

  • If Possible Carry Out Repairs On Site

  • If we can't fix it on site. We provide An Obligation Free Quote For Further Repairs / Recommendations

Brisbane’s Trusted Providers of Air Conditioner Repairs

Is your AC unit running noisy, not cooling properly or is it pretending to be a water feature? Well then you need Sheer Climate Air Conditioning, we are the experts when you are talking about air conditioner repairs Brisbane! We have qualified technicians that know your system and how to solve the problem. If we believe that it is no longer economical to repair the unit, we will provide you with a separate quote to replace your existing unit! We carry out air conditioning repairs on all brands and models.

Quality repairs to identify your air conditioner problem and offer a ready resolution

In this day and age everything is about energy efficiency and maximum performance. Air con units are always improving and adapting in design, which leads to some complex technologies. With this in mind, we can reassure you that our technicians have the training and expertise to provide you with an accurate solution. Our technicians have to ability to quickly diagnose and repair all air con brands so you can go back to enjoying the cool breeze. Whether it is Domestic or Commercial we can provide you with a fast solution regarding air con repairs!




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Why Brisbane residents trust our air conditioning repairs


Don't assume you need a new air conditioning installed. We will try to repair your air conditioner and advise on the most cost effective options (whether it's getting a new air conditioner installed or repairing your old one) to keep you comfortable

Flexible times

You can arrange an inspection to have your air conditioning repaired at a time of your convenience. We even work on a Saturday to suit our clients busy schedules.


As part of our relationship with you, we want to provide you with the best service or solution at the best price! Here at Sheer Climate it’s NOT all about money. We would rather gain a lifetime client than gain a few extra dollars.