Providing Brendale with a Comprehensive Air Conditioning Service

Sheer Climate Air Conditioning provides Brendale with premium air conditioning service, repair, and installation. Our highly skilled and experienced team of technicians will come to your property and help you to decide on the perfect solution for improving your room’s air quality. We can install any brand’s unit, ensuring you can find the ideal solution for your space.

For over seven years we have provided Brisbane with a top-quality air conditioning service and are more than happy to come to your commercial or residential property to provide our service. We take our time in understanding your requirements for equipment, and we do this to ensure a great solution is reached every time.



The technicians at Sheer Climate pride themselves on providing a service that always leaves the customer comfortable and happy with the aircon service provided. We always have our ARC Refrigeration License handy to ensure that your warranty will not be voided by the manufacturer and that you are guaranteed to receive a top-level job.

We never compromise on quality, and this has been our creed for over seven years. We’re updated with new technology and innovations in the industry and this is to ensure that we always find the perfect solution for your aircon service, installation, and repair. Our team of technicians are all licensed electricians who are accredited with Master Electricians Australia certificates.



We provide regular servicing for air conditioning services to extend your unit’s lifespan and efficiency, thus keeping the room clean, cool, and with healthy circulation. Having a unit properly maintained is important as they don’t just keep a room cool and warm, but they also are imperative to the airflow of a room. Having a dirty air conditioner can be harmful as they may spread harmful bacterias when in use.

Contact the team of professionals at Sheer Climate Air Conditioning to receive the best quality service.