Caravan Air Conditioning Service Available in Brisbane

There is nothing worse than taking your caravan out in the middle of summer and not having a reliable air conditioner to keep you cool in the blistering heat. It can make what should be a fun and relaxing time pretty unpleasant: the kids are complaining, and getting to sleep at night can be a real bother. That’s why Sheer Climate Air Conditioning provide a thorough caravan air conditioning service in the Brisbane area. Before you take off for that trip across the top end, have your caravan’s AC unit serviced by a team of highly experienced technicians.


Caravan Air Conditioning Installation

The team of electricians at Sheer Climate have over seven years of experience in fitting out caravans with state of the art, high-quality aircon units. We will come to your caravan and help you decide on the best solution for your system and where it should be placed within the vehicle. We can install systems by reputable brands in your caravan, and are up to date with the latest innovations and technology to give you the best results. We place a lot of emphasis on ensuring that you are gaining the perfect solution for keeping your vehicle cool and comfortable.



It is imperative that before you take off for a trip in your caravan that you have its aircon system properly serviced. A poorly-functioning system will not only fail to keep the air circulating in the vehicle, making it hot and stuffy, but can also lead to the breeding of harmful germs and bacteria. In such enclosed spaces this can be quite detrimental to your health.


Contact us to receive our service

If you require a comprehensive caravan air conditioning service from our team of highly experienced technicians, please feel free to contact us to arrange an appointment. Call 0425 289 638 to speak to the team at Sheer Climate Air Conditioning to have your system working a treat.