Commercial Air Conditioner Repairs

Commercial air conditioning systems demand a higher level of expertise than residential systems so it’s important that you choose an experienced and licenced team. Our technicians are well trained and certified, so they can immediately diagnose and address your air conditioner repair problems. Using a certified HVAC expert to handle your AC repairs and maintenance has the benefit of having someone knowledgeable and qualified to work on your specific system and problem. We will replace the right parts quickly and stand behind our work.


24 hour crisis care

We provide 24 hour crisis commercial air conditioning repair services to our preventative maintenance plan clients. We are one of the few air conditioning businesses that can help your business no matter the time or day – even Christmas.

We stand behind our HVAC repairs

We strive to provide commercial air conditioning repair services that are unmatched in quality. We never compromise on quality and follow processes by the book. We spend as much time as we need to ensure the job is done well, so you know that it will be done right the first time.

Our technicians have cutting edge technology and tools. We pride ourselves on having the ability to repair all sorts of systems

We can fix nearly every type of HVAC system

Indoor Air Cooled Packaged Units

Water Cooled Systems

Roof Top Packaged Units


Cooling Towers

Exhaust Fans


As opposed to other commercial air conditioning repair businesses our aim is to keep you a client for life. We’re 100% transparent in all our communication. We take pride in our honesty and the integrity by which we conduct our business.


We are familiar with not only the latest technology, but the latest safety rules and regulations. Both the indoor and outdoor units of air conditioning system contain electric and possible gas components that can be hazardous if not worked on with the proper knowledge and tools.


If your air conditioner just isn’t keeping your business as cool as it used to, or any part of the system is making a noise you haven’t heard before, don’t wait until it’s too late. Call a professional, licensed and qualified AC repair company, like us and get the job done right the first time.



A system that is not functioning properly will not only be an utter annoyance if it is not diagnosed quickly the issue might wear out much more expensive parts. And left completely unchecked can cost you money in wasted energy and higher utility bills.


Something as simple as a clogged filter can quickly wear out your fan motor which is an expensive repair.


Your AC system consists of several different pieces of equipment that have to work together properly, including:


  • The compressor and condenser, which is the large unit outside which draws hot air outside, pressurizes the refrigerant, and sends the refrigerant up to the inside unit.
  • The evaporator, coils and fan, which cools the air and blows it through your ducts.
  • The ducts are the system of pipes that carry the cold air through and pull warm air back into the system.


Sound complicated? It is, and that is why commercial HVAC repair is not something you want to leave or give to someone you don’t trust.