Premium Commercial Air Conditioning Installation in Brisbane

We’ve all been there: sitting in a really stuffy restaurant or workplace in the middle of summer and the only thing you can think is, ‘my god, can’t they just do something about the air conditioning here?’ There is nothing worse than having to sit in an overheated establishment for an extended period, the frustration is horrible.

That’s why Sheer Climate Air Conditioning are here to provide a top-quality commercial air conditioning installation and repair service. No longer will your workers and clients have to sit in unbearable heat, suffering silently and growing contempt for the people that are in control of having this problem solved. Contact the experienced technicians at Sheer Climate to have the aircon problems on your premises fixed.


The highly skilled team of electricians at Sheer Climate have over seven years of experience in providing commercial properties with state of the art air conditioning installation and repair. We are on call to come to your business and install a new air conditioner just in time for when the heat really picks up. Your staff and customers alike will love you for having a highly functioning system installed at your business. The air will be cool and well-circulated, creating a comfortable environment for business to be done. We will come to your premises and help you find the perfect solution for your commercial property: what type of system you need and where it should be located within the space.


Is your business’s system busted? Is it not working at full capacity? Are the staff and customers starting to complain about the poor quality of air inside your business? Then maybe it is time you had your unit serviced by our team of highly-experienced professionals. We will get your system back to its full working order so that no one will complain anymore about how uncomfortable the office or store is. Contact Sheer Climate Air Conditioning today to arrange our services.

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