Specialist to the top rated air conditioning brand

Although we install and supply many brands, we are an authorised Panasonic specialist. Panasonic are the only air conditioning brand to  been awarded five stars by Canstar.

Air Conditioning Installation in Brisbane

Our quality installations will leave you delighted with your purchase. Our technicians can install all unit brands. Our technicians all carry an ARC Refrigeration Handling Licence, so you can stand assured knowing your unit is being installed properly and will not void any warranty provided by the manufacturer.

We have carried out quality air conditioning installations for over 7 years and like we keep saying, we never compromise on quality. We put our name on the work we do and we assure you that we will carry out the installation above the industry standards. The electrical work will always be carried out by a licensed electrician who is accredited by Master Electricians Australia.

We can install any unit from wall split systems, ducted or even those old window rattler RAC’s that you still see around. All our installations come with a 12 month install warranty, so you can be assured that we provide quality air conditioning installations. We offer one of the widest ranges of air conditioning brands, some include Daikin, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Carrier, Toshiba, Panasonic and many more!


Years Domestic

Installation Warranty

Along with your product warranty, we offer a 5 year warranty on the installation itself 

Mitsubishi, Fujitsu and Daikin air conditioner installation plus much more

We can provide the unit for installation as well if required, and we mostly prefer this. If you have already purchased a unit that is also completely fine, we are happy to install it for you. Just give us a call once delivery has been sorted and we can carry out the air con installation for you.

All our installations come with a one Year installation warranty. This warranty is our own guarantee on top of the standard manufactures warranty which is usually 5 Years. What this covers you for anything related to the installation work done e.g. Piping, Refrigerant, Cabling and Electrical Circuit.








Air conditioning pricing explained

A Back To Back air conditioner installation is when the indoor unit and outdoor unit is located on the same wall. To clarify, it is when the outdoor unit is sitting directly behind the indoor unit. See Location 1 in picture below.

Cheapest and easiest option.

An Up And Over air conditioner installation is when the unit is located on one of the internal wall of the house and piping needs to run through the ceiling to disguise the piping. See Location 2 in picture below.

Most Difficult and Expensive, as depending on the location a condensate pump will most likely be required for the drain.

A Right Hand Exit air conditioner installation is when the piping has to come out of the right hand side of the indoor unit. Its very similar to a Back To Back, but instead of the pipes coming out behind the indoor they exit on the right hand side. See Location 3 in picture below.

Slightly more than a back to back.

A Left Hand Exit air conditioner installation is when the piping has to come out of the left hand side of the indoor unit. Its the exact opposite of a right hand installation, so the pipes exit the indoor unit on the left hand side. See Location 4 in picture below.

Slightly more than a back to back.

An extended run is any air conditioner installation that requires the covers outside to be extended. Usually anything longer then 4m. This also includes a back to back installation on the 2nd story. NOT in picture as it is self explanatory.

Depends on piping length and height, but more than a back to back.


Indoor Unit

Indoor Unit

Location Description

  1. Option 1 – Back to Back
  2. Option 2 – Up And Over
  3. Option 3 – Right Hand Exit
  4. Option 4 – Left Hand Exit