Top-Quality Air Conditioning Service in Indooroopilly

With over seven years in providing a leading air conditioning installation and repair service, Sheer Climate is the go-to choice for receiving the best solution in the Brisbane region. Our highly-skilled and experienced technicians will come to your Indooroopilly property, help you decide on the right solution for your space, and install the unit in an efficient and non-intrusive manner.

We install all brand’s units and are up to date with all latest technology and innovations in the industry. We are more than happy to come to your property and help you with all your air conditioning service requirements. We put an emphasis on taking the time to understand the needs you have in order to create the perfect air circulation in your space.


Our premium installation

Sheer Climate’s air conditioning installation service always leaves our clients satisfied. We carry our ARC Refrigeration License on us to ensure that you are receiving a service from a professional electrician and so that your warranty will not be voiced by the aircon unit’s manufacturer.

We never fall short on providing the highest-quality job, we have been doing this for over seven years and are dedicated to continuously improving our standard. Our technicians are all licensed electricians who hold Master Electrician Australia accreditation.


Aircon service

It is important to have your unit regularly serviced and maintained to ensure that it is clean and in proper working order. If your unit is dirty it could potentially grow harmful microorganisms such as moulds, fungus, and bacteria, which will then be spread throughout the room whilst the air circulates.


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Contact Sheer Climate Air Conditioning to have a thorough aircon service conducted on your unit. Call 0425 289 638 to speak with one of our experienced technicians and find the perfect solution for your air conditioning.